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Who are the Daimones


The Daimones of collective Hellenism is an initiative of e-Epanastasi. Its objective is to create an anonymous network of activists advocating on behalf of Hellenism. Its main purpose is to provide ethnic Greeks who feel forgotten an outlet to address the global Greek collective.

What is a Daimon?

The term, Daimon, has been evolved throughout history, but originally it was used to refer to immortal Beings. Sometime after the 6th Century BCE, it began to be used to refer to an intermediate between the Theoi (Gods) and mortals. From the 4th Century BCE and onwards, Daimones were personal guardians, protectors, guides, and tutelary spirits of mortals. 

In Stoicism, the tutelary function of the Daimon was transferred to the Daimon E’Autou. Stoics believed that everyone and everything was connected to the Eternal Whole and the Divine. This was done by an internal and personal Divinity known as the Daimon E’Autou.

To learn more about terms like Daimon and other ancient Hellenic Concepts please visit The English Lexicon of Standard Terminology for Hellenismos 

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