Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ACTION ALERT - US Senator throws temper tantrum, and shows his true anti-Greek colors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 26th, 2014
With momentum building, just weeks before the March 9th “Stop the Christian Genocide in Syria” protest Senator John McCain has, figuratively speaking, spit in the face of innocent Antiochian Greeks experiencing horrors on a biblical scale at the hands of Islamist extremists. 

A delegation of Syrian Christian Church Officials touring Washington in hopes of finding a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict, were shocked when the Senator pulled a temper tantrum and walked out on the delegation, which was made up of Armenian, Assyrian, Roum, and other Christian officials. 

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This outrageous and undignified behavior of a US Senator in the face of ongoing Genocide in the 21st century is unacceptable. With Roum and Assyrian spiritual leaders still missing, and atrocities coming closer and closer to Roum region of Wadi al-Nasara (“Valley of Christians”) the time of action is NOW! It is Senators, like Mr. McCain, who have continued to push for war in Syria, and aid to the very terrorists who are exterminating our brethren in Syria.

Due to the complete lack of respect by Senator McCain; We, the Daimones of Collective Hellenism call on outraged Greeks to make their voices be heard! Senator McCain is an anti-Greek, and must be held accountable for his childish behavior.

Voice your disapproval of Senator McCain’s action
Call Senator McCain’s office, and show him someone is watching!

Phoenix Office (602) 952-2410
Washington DC Office (202) 224-2235

Senator McCain’s Anti-Greek “Report Card”

On Macedonia:
Cosponsor of Resolution for FYROM to stop hostile activities and propaganda, SR300: NO
Friend of UMD: YES, received UMD International Freedom Award in 2011

On Armenian, Greek, Assyrian Genocide:

Cosponsor of Armenian Genocide Resolution: NO
Participated in April 2011 Capital Hill Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide: NO

On Ecumenical Patriarch
Cosigned Letter to President Bush on Religious Freedom in Turkey: NO
Cosponsor of the Return of Churches and Religious Freedom Resolution, S. Res. 392: NO
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